New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan Book 5 with Digital Content


New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan is a complete social studies course for pre-primary (A and B) and primary level (1 to 5). This highly popular series has been revised in response to user demands and to meet current information needs.

  • The series covers topics from geography, history, civics, economics, culture, rights, values, and religion.
  • The text has been updated and thematically divided into units.
  • Lessons are presented in a variety of ways and are supported by questions to encourage critical thinking and activities aimed to give a better understanding of their immediate environment.
  • The gradual progression of topics helps children learn social values and be responsible citizens.
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Key features of the revised edition include:

    • A new layout and design
    • Attractive new illustrations and photographs to interest children
    • A Work Page at the end of each lesson to reinforce the ideas learnt in the lesson
    • Further reinforcement is provided in the form of photocopiable worksheets at the end of each Teaching Guide.
    • Digital Resource: Each book is now accompanied by an online digital resource. Lessons have been selected and their concepts have been reinforced in a lively and interactive manner that involves students.
    • The books are supported by Teaching Guides with explanations, further activities, lesson plans, and worksheets.
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