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    This series is specially written to equip pupils with the essential knowledge and skills for a strong foundation in Science. The series is based on the National Curriculum for England. It encourages pupils to think critically and apply their knowledge to familiar phenomena, thus making Science an integral part of their lives and not a mere subject. The series has the following key features and approaches; * Adopts the constructivist-inquiry approach * Infuses skills, processes, ethics, and attitudes * Promotes active learning * Promotes co-operative learning * Corrects common misconceptions * Uses attractive and clear graphics * Uses everyday experiences and contexts. With this book, pupils will embark on an exciting journey to learn about nature and beyond, not just through the written text, but also from their own experiences and interactions with Science.

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    New Syllabus Primary Mathematics (NSPM) is a series of textbooks and workbooks specially written to reflect a student-centered approach, which serves to engage pupils so that they have a solid foundation in Mathematics.

    Special Features for Books

    Child-friendly and infused with interest and enjoyment, the series uses a progressive approach to introduce new concepts and reinforce them through all the levels
    Chapter Opener to arouse pupils’ curiosity of the contents of the chapter
    Recap for pupils to recall learnt concepts
    In Focus for pupils to discuss questions related to various learning objectives
    Let’s Learn for the introduction of new concepts through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach
    Activity Time (We Work Together, Play A Game!, IT’s Fun) to allow pupils to develop requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes with the inclusion of learning experiences
    Practice for immediate evaluation of pupils’ learning
    Mind Workout to encourage pupils to apply learnt concepts to solve non-routine questions
    Maths Journal for pupils to reflect on their learning process
    Self Check for pupils to keep track of their own learning progress
    Special Features for Workbooks

    Worksheets to complete the cycle of learning, consolidating and practising
    Mind Workout for pupils to develop critical thinking skills
    Maths Journal to allow pupils to demonstrate their understanding of learnt concepts
    Review for pupils to consolidate learnt concepts for the chapter
    Revision for the consolidation of concepts and skills across strands and topics
    Glossary for the revision of key mathematical terminologies

  • 991.25


    New Syllabus Primary Mathematics (NSPM) is a series of textbooks and workbooks specially written to reflect a student-centered approach, which serves to engage pupils so that they have a solid foundation in Mathematics.

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    Oxford International Primary Computing takes a real-life, project based approach to teaching young learners the vital computing skills they need for the changing digital world. Each unit builds a series of skills towards the creation of final project, with topics ranging from programming simple computer games to creating an online yearbook.


    • A project-based approach to primary computing using real life examples
    • Focusses on key computing skills, such as working with text and data, image editing, logic and programming
    • Assists students (and teachers!) with important everyday computing skills, such as how to use the internet safely, be responsible on social media, and assess which sources are trustworthy and credible
    • Projects include Champions League quiz challenge, Robots, Making a travel brochure and Our Online Yearbook
    • Teacher’s Guides provide support for specialist and non-specialist teachers of computing
    • All project materials are available for download as editable files for teachers to adapt to their own needs

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    This new 2007 paperback edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary features over 10,000 entries, words and phrases, in alphabetical order, in a clear and accessible design. Each entry contains simple, easy-to-read numbered meanings, and word classes, and example sentences. Tinted panels
    throughout the text focus on overused words, words belonging to the same family, and key language topics (such as connectives or apostrophes). Another unique feature is the example sentences by well-known children’s authors, such as Dick King-Smith, Jacqueline Wilson, and Roald Dahl. These show the
    words actually in use to reinforce meaning but they also hook children in to using language effectively. Unique to Oxford, they take children beyond looking up a word for spelling or meaning – and into thinking about reading and writing independently.
    The full alphabet appears on every page with a dark blue tab on the letter of the page – plus the dictionary quartiles in light blue. Together, these are invaluable navigation tools for children practising their alphabet skills. Guidewords also appear on every page.
    Extra material at the back is accurately levelled for the curriculum at this age. It includes information for spelling success, punctuation, simple grammar, key overused words (with alternatives) as well as word origins, prefixes and suffixes.
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