World Watch Geography Book 3 with My E-Mate


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Second Edition
Carmel Reilly and Nicholas Brasch

Developed in accordance with the guidelines of the National Curriculum of Pakistan (2022), World Watch Geography second edition extends World Watch Social Studies to the lower secondary level. It builds on the students’ learning from earlier work in geography by introducing higher-level geographical skills. It adopts a student-friendly approach with a conversational tone to engage their interest. Digital resource in the form of My E-Mate companion website, along with Skills Books for students, and Teaching Guides make World Watch Geography a fully comprehensive course.

Each level consists of:

  • a Student’s Book which reinforces geographical concepts through clear text, fact boxes, mind maps, colourful photographs, clear illustrations, detailed maps, and assessment tasks
  • a Skills Book which complements the content of the textbook, reinforcing a variety of geography skills and tools through maps, graphs, diagrams, photographs, and statistics
  • a Teaching Guide to assist geography teachers in lesson preparation through the provision of background knowledge, ideas for further learning, detailed lesson plans, and answers to questions in the Student’s Book and the Skills Book
  • my E-Mate companion website which explains geographic concepts and processes through instructional videos, animated lessons, interactivity, and integrated assessments for the students
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