THE GRAMMAR TREE BOOK 7 – Class VIII – The Mama Parsi Girls School – Course Books



The Grammar Tree Second Edition is the latest revised and updated edition of the series, based on user feedback. It caters to the need for a graded, rule-based grammar course with extensive explanations and practice to help learners master the basics of English grammar.

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Key features:

  • Series revised in the light of user feedback and new topics introduced
  • Step-by-step gradation of grammar topics for easy assimilation of concepts
  • Small, manageable units to help teachers and learners navigate through grammar concepts smoothly
  • A friendly, conversational tone for explanations and rules with reference to instances from everyday life
  • Revision and recapitulation of grammar topics
  • Each topic followed by a variety of exercises that include drills and context-based tasks
  • Highlighting of exceptions to rules, common errors, and important points
  • Focus on spelling, with word lists in Books 1 to 3
  • Formative assessments to test learners’ understanding of concepts throughout the school year
  • A brand new ‘End-of-Year Tests’ section covering all the material taught in a year
  • Comprehension chapters to foster reading skills and to show the use of grammar in context
  • Composition chapters structured to help learners write independently in different formats
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